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Ford Deploying the latest technology Ford Deploying the latest technology Ford Deploying the latest technology


Ford's primary brand positioning is 'Feel the difference'. From the car's kinetic design styling to the driving dynamics, this difference needed to extend beyond the car itself and into the dealership and ownership experience. In launching the all-new Ford Focus the challenge was to communicate the advanced technologies that exist under the skin, giving people reasons to buy and to add new technologies to their options list.


Personal experience and intimacy with brands are more important than ever. With the world of information at their fingertips, customers need to feel and understand it for themselves. Recent developments in the smartphone and tablet markets provided us with an opportunity to reach out to people, giving them an interesting and intriguing experience to interact with, drawing them into the dealership to experience the physical product and start a face-to-face conversation with Ford.


We designed and built a range of mobile applications to be included in the launch communication campaign. The core application was designed to support the consumer in finding the all-important information and detail they needed to confidently take that next step and visit the dealership.

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The user interface allows users to select different models, change colours, wheels and trim levels and learn more about technology features and specifications.


Users are then invited to visit their local dealership to experience the innovative augmented reality (AR) software.


Pointing their smartphone at the car unlocks unique films that explain the new technologies and how they work in the real world.